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Current Projects

There is an urgent need for enhanced Electronic Warfare (EW) capability for Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). Under the concept of commonality, leveraging the Surface Electronics Warfare…

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The legacy ice detector for the CH-53K utilizes a radioactive isotope that presents an environmental and safety hazard and is expensive to dispose of and replace. An Electronics Manufacturing…

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The Department of Defense (DoD) has a need for cost reduction in the application and use of low-cost Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) see-through systems across the spectrum of …

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There is a need for a miniature handheld, lightweight, affordable inertial navigation system capable of accurate azimuth determination in all environments including GPS-denied…

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This Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility project will produce a prototype of a modern radar system architecture that introduces open and common radio frequency…

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The Empfasis is on Millimeter Wave Imaging Technologies for Active Radar Enhancements and Silicon Carbide-Based Power Factor Corrected AC to DC Converter.

Millimeter wave (mmW) technology is playing an increasing role in a variety of industries. With the ability to penetrate atmospheric conditions, mmW can handle satellite-ground communications or ground relay communications. Control and guidance operations are enhanced with improved communication for long-range missiles or spacecraft reentering the atmosphere [1]. A current use of mmW technology is in airport safety providing whole-body scanning for the detection of threats under layers of clothing. Speaking of clothing, mmW imaging can be used to create a 3D body scan for the retail fashion industry, providing virtual clothing and individualized tailoring before going to print.

Titles include:

  • Millimeter Wave Imaging Technologies for Active Radar Enhancements
  • A Message from Empfasis Editor Paul Bratt
  • Silicon Carbide-Based Power Factor Corrected AC to DC Converter
  • Services and Training Overview