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Applied R&D

Under the guidance of ACI, the EMPF has assembled a world class talent base in terms of electrical design, mechanical design, project management & CAD expertise dedicated to filling the requirements of EMPF projects in areas such as: ruggedization and reliability of electronic assemblies and packages; design and packaging technologies for power electronics; failure mode determination and analysis; packaging solutions and implementation for semiconductors; and production planning and new component integration for military systems.

U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer

The EMPF has applied its efforts and collective expertise toward many projects of a high value to the US Navy, with a special focus on organization, reliability and sustainment, using real problem solving techniques that provide beneficial solutions regardless of the scope of the project.

Experience gained by managing EMPF/ACI’s internal research initiatives have also led to advances in materials characterization and corrosion analysis involving a wide range of electronics production materials and assemblies such as: solder alloys and fluxes (including lead free); polymeric encapsulants, underfills and molding compounds; thermoelectric assemblies; power integrated circuits; and area array electronics packages.

The EMPF offers government and industry advanced scientific research capabilities that are packaged with years of practical manufacturing experience. The EMPF, a truly unique national resource, supports the advancement of manufacturing technology like no one else can. Please visit the EMPFasis main page for articles written by the EMPF specialists about our most recent applied research and development initiatives in electronics.

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