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Technology Transfer & Deployment

Technology transfer/deployment is a primary focus area for the EMPF. Implementation of the technology developed by the EMPF into other organizations is a major goal. Key elements of the technology transfer process are the EMPF learning center courses and the EMPF demonstration factory.

Recent examples of Technology Insertion include:

  • APG-79: Using MMIC Flip Chip Technology, Inserted Advanced RF packaging in the F/A-18 E/F that is Currently Operational
  • SQQ-32: Integrated Commercial Cable Supporting Mine Hunters
  • IMUTS: Integrated Commercial Relay to support current deployed carriers
  • SMII: Integrated advanced packaging and miniaturization to produce a signifigant improvement in availability and affordability
  • PRC-112 (PMA-202): Integrated advanced commercial battery packaging technology to improve battery availability and affordability for Navy, Army and Airforce survival systems

The EMPF ensures that all reasonable vehicles for the transfer of the knowledge and capabilities associated with emerging technologies are employed. This will ensure a continuous and rapid flow of technical information to the electronics manufacturing industrial base for prompt utilization and maximization of benefits to that base. In addition to the learning center and the demonstration factory, these vehicles include: seminars and workshops; industrial/academic internships; technical presentations, technical trade articles and papers; technical exhibits and trade association activities; broadening of DoD, Navy, industrial and community relationships; and constant interfacing with all levels of the industrial base.

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