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S2203 — Power Electronic Module Cost Out for the IFTP Program

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: May 2007 to September 2008


The multi-mission DDG 1000 destroyer introduces a wide range of new technologies that will generate tangible breakthroughs in performance and affordability. Advances such as the integrated power system (IPS) provide continuous power throughout the ship allowing enhanced survivability by reducing the susceptibility to damage and increasing the ability to fight-through damage. This integrated fight through power (IFTP) is based on a modular power system building block or power electronics module (PEM) that can be connected in parallel or in series to support a wide range of horsepower. This project successfully investigated and implemented cost reduction opportunities for the PEM that will improve the affordability of the IFTP System. The proposed changes have been demonstrated to reduce the materials and assembly price of each system and produced four PEMs which substantially accelerated the manufacturing learning curve. These modules have been used to perform some full power testing and have validated that the design meets the performance requirements. By investigating and resolving anomalies sooner than could be done under normal manufacturing conditions, this project has reduced the risk of performance issues during the First Article manufacturing and test phases so delivery schedules were met.


This effort has achieved the costing objectives without compromising on the product performance, quality, and time to manufacture. Material cost has been reduced by 15% while labor cost has been reduced by 50% resulting in an overall cost reduction of 23% per PEM. Improved manufacturability resulted in a 73% reduction in the touch labor required to build the second generation PEM. These improvements will result in a cost avoidance of approximately $1.5M per ship.


The project completed in September 2008, in time for the Production Readiness Review of the PEM system for Bath Iron Works (BIW). The technology developed was successfully transitioned when the PEM manufacturing process and Brass Board testing demonstrated full compliance to the original design requirements. This redesigned second-generation PEM is the design that was supplied for the First Article Qualification testing for BIW. They are currently in production and have successfully paralleled 4 PEMs in a PCM1 cabinet during integration testing.

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