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S2317 — Next Generation VSR Solid State LRU

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: July 2009 to May 2012


This ManTech project was aimed at lowering the system cost of the Advanced Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) for the DDG 51 antenna by incorporating lower cost packaging technology and manufacturing approaches to reduce the Transmit / Receive (T/R) module cost by greater than 35%.


The goal of this project was to reduce the T/R module cost by >35%. This was accomplished by reducing material and manufacturing labor costs during assembly and test. Material costs were saved by switching from chip and wire in ceramic packages (that require special assembly lines) to plastic Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) packages that are assembled on a standard printed wiring board production line. Manufacturing labor costs during assembly and test were reduced by using known good QFN packages that are surface mounted to PWBs using automated surface mount assembly equipment. Use of pre-tested QFN packages and automated visual inspection stations also reduced module re-work and resulted in a higher module yield.


This ManTech project funded the development of the low-power module and the manufacturing processes to enable the cost reductions. This manufacturing technology project also performed the module specification performance verification testing, QFN, and module environmental verification. A subsequent Lockheed Martin (LM) project (IRAD) will perform validation at the next higher assembly level, the line replacement unit (LRU). Upon approval, low-cost QFN packaging and printed wiring board (PWB) materials and processes can be used for T/R module production.

Under the AMDR Technology Development and AMDR Engineering Manufacturing Development contracts (not yet awarded), LM will design, test, and qualify (at the system level) the low-cost QFN packages and Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs) for use on the DDG 51. PEO IWS 2.0 will also fund the module Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) to transition the ManTech module technology into production for the DDG 51.

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