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S2410 — Low-Cost Open Architecture Radar (LCOR)

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: February 2011 to September 2015


The current Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) radar system solutions have posed various challenges to the U.S. Navy. Both LCS currently use foreign-built and –supported Volume Search Radars (VSR). Lockheed Martin (LM) uses the EADS TRS-3D radar and Austal uses the Saab Sea Giraffe radar. These solutions do not provide the technical data the Navy requires for performance and radar system modeling, vital for a new surface combatant platform. Also, these current systems have not met the desired affordability objectives.

The initial intent of this project was to provide the Navy with an open-architecture radar that would meet the Navy’s current LCS requirement for a low-cost, upgradeable system. Directed sources for both a custom-designed solution and a COTS solution were investigated. This ManTech effort has developed the following technologies, using the Thales–designed, Exelis-produced and -supported AN/SPS-76 radar as a proof-of-concept basis: (1) an Intelligent Technical Data Package (ITDP), with full Government Purpose Data Rights, (2) modular, COTS-based RF packaging at the component level, which will ensure rapid upgradability in reaction to emerging technology or threats, and (3) Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation of the radar system and its environment, as well as the expected threats it will have to counter. The capabilities developed on this project provide the Navy with the capability to rapidly react to emerging threats and/or incorporate new technologies, precluding the need for complete system replacement or lengthy and costly major design upgrades. This project was a joint project with cost share from OSD ManTech.


This project will ensure the cost reduction of the current LCS radar system by approximately 20 percent through open competition for a GFE radar solution which will fit into the existing radar’s top side and below decks available footprint. The results of this effort may be applied for use on the Navy’s Small Surface Combatant program as well as the USCG Offshore Patrol Cutter program. It could also be considered as a replacement for the AN/SPN-43 radar on large-deck amphibious platforms and carriers for associated impact and cost savings.

The competition is expected to yield a radar system which fully meets the LCS mission requirements at an acquisition savings of ~ $1M per hull.


The ManTech transition event will occur with the inclusion of the requirements for an Intelligent Technical Data Package with full Government Purpose Data Rights, Modular COTS-based RF Packaging, and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation capability in a solicitation under the authority of IWS-2 for open competition for a GFE radar for the LCS and future small surface combatants.

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