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S2558-1-2 — Manufacturing Cost Reduction for LCS Scalable Electronic Warfare (EW) System Phase 1 and 2

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: March 2014 to April 2019


The Electronic Warfare Expanded Scope project includes two objectives – to develop a Common Modular Power Supply (CMPS) and to investigate advanced manufacturing techniques for a common open architecture downconverter.

There is an urgent need for a high-reliability, above-deck power supply for the Surface Electronics Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) AN/SLQ-32(V)6. The current power supply exhibits high failure rates. Taking advantage of advancements in power supply design and manufacturing methods and the trend toward open architecture and commercial-of-the-shelf components, this project aims to develop an open modular power supply architecture that maximizes the use of readily available commercial components adapted to military environments. The architecture provides for N+1 redundancy along with continuous monitoring of critical performance measures to create a highly reliable, battleshort capable power supply with low Mean Time to Repair. The open architecture allows any competent power supply vendor to provide modules for the CMPS, increasing competition and a path for technology insertion as the state of the art progresses. The unit will be designed to be a drop-in replacement for the existing supply. A complete Technical Data Package (TDP) will be provided for future production, and the final report will include a description of technologies explored (e.g., silicon carbide semiconductors and 440VAC input source).

The downconverters provide an opportunity to reduce cost through commonality of design and improved manufacturing methods. The current downconverters will be characterized and alternate manufacturing methods will be explored.


The CMPS will provide the SEWIP system with reliable power to improve overall availability. Its open architecture will permit improvements in power supply technology to be transitioned without the need to upgrade or replace the basic unit and will increase competition, thereby lowering acquisition costs in the long run. This will lower life-cycle costs and provide much improved uptime. Being modular, the CMPS can be adapted to other systems that require multiple output voltages. By changing or adapting the input module, various input voltages can be accommodated. Further savings can then be achieved through commonality of design and shared sparing costs.

The downconverter studies will provide a path for a lower-cost alternate source if the current supplier can no longer provide the downconverters. Characterization of the legacy units will ensure compatibility of any potential new design and areas for performance improvements.


PEO IWS 2.0 will establish the schedule to implement the results of the EW Expanded Scope project for SLQ-32(V)6 through the Program of Record acquisition change process. EMPF will provide a prototype CMPS and complete TDP for evaluation and qualification. A detailed report on the downconverter study will be provided for potential future use.

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