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S2755 – Open and Common RF Building Blocks Enabling Affordable Radars

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: May 2018 to January 2020


This Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility project will produce a prototype of a modern radar system architecture that introduces open and common radio frequency (RF) components to demonstrate the capability to implement requirements of two significantly different radar systems. This effort represents the baseline for the Navy’s Next Generation Surface Search Radar (NGSSR). The proposed open and common architecture will meet multi-mission requirements for current and next generation surface ships. Under this project, an industry competition will be held to determine all reduction costs of identified modular RF components.


The benefits of this project include cost reduction through a competitive search of solid-state amplifier industry domain manufacturers, with potential acquisition cost savings estimated at 25 percent of the unit costs over 200 units for NGSSR as compared to traditional traveling-wave tube-based designs. The potential for reuse of the technology demonstrated in this project also increases the economy of scale for military procurement; NGSSR will be installed on every Navy Surface Search Ship, replacing the AN/SPS-73(V)12. In addition, the project will provide higher reliability of the power amplifier and extensive commonality among military radars through the use of modular components; the open modular approach also offers greater commonality and a more efficient technology refresh, which will have a broad economic and technical impact over several radar programs.


This project will provide a demonstration prototype that proves that the open building block architecture approach meets the capability to implement the requirements of modern radar systems. The effort will include the generation of a Technical Data Package for the NGSSR that will be used for formal request for proposals, enabling an open and fair competition for full rate production and manufacture of the NGSSR prototype for field testing to demonstrate hardware and software capabilities of solidstate high-power amplifier technology.

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